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How do I control the number of Sustainably Run Meeting invitations my team sends out?

You can limit your budget, exclude internal meetings or use the ‘Opt Out’ feature

Your Admin Dashboard gives you control over the amount of invitations for Sustainably Run Meetings you send out. You have several options:

• If you’d rather just plant trees for external meetings, you can stop invites being issued internally – simply select this option through the Exclude Internal Invites panel.

• You’re also able to set a monthly cap on the total number of invitations that go out. Once you reach this budget, you won't be able to use Sustainably Run Meetings until the following month, or until you increase the limit. Then Sustainably Run Meetings starts operating again automatically. Monthly budgets can only be set for your organisation as a whole; the option of setting budgets at individual level is not available.

• Probably the easiest way for the individual user to control the number of invites issued is simply to click the Opt Out button. That meeting will not be a Sustainably Run Meeting. So you can make sure that Sustainably Run Meetings operates only as and when required.