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How Sustainably Run Meetings uses your Data

Your data is our priority. Check out the steps we take to ensure your data is secure.

What level of access does Sustainably Run require from our cloud applications such as Zoom, GSuite, etc?

Our software does not have access to any of your tech stack other than your meeting calendar (Outlook or Google Calendar).

Below are the data points that we use to provide the service:

  • Organiser Name: This allows us to attribute the trees to the right person
  • Organiser Email Address: This allows us to attribute the trees to the right person
  • Attendee Email Address: Allows us to send “Tree Planting Email” to meeting attendee
  • Attendee Required or Optional: This allows Sustainably Run Meetings to know if the attendee does need a certificate or not
  • Meeting Title/Subject: To track that the trees are attribute to the right meeting
  • Importance: Visible but unused
  • Sensitivity: Visible but unused
  • Response of Attendee: For those who have declined the meeting, trees would not be planted on their behalf
  • Location: For future use, to have certificates personalised according to the location.
  • Start Time: Anchor point to trigger the certificate to participants

What security testing have you implemented to help ensure that the platform and infrastructure are reasonably protected?

Sustainably Run's Backend Platform is deployed on AWS Infrastructure within the UK and undergoes a security audit every 6 months.

The communication layer as well as the database is end-to-end encrypted.

Our plugins have gone through stringent verifications from the G Suite Marketplace (And Microsoft O365) which is a prerequisite in getting our plugin listed.

What attendee data is stored in your CRM?

The following data points are stored in our CRM system:

  • Meeting Attendee Email Address
  • Start Time

This data is protected and not visible to anyone other than CRM and network admins.

For further information please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.