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How is Sustainably Run certifying lifetime protection for the trees planted?

Our tree planting partners go through a rigorous selection process

Although nobody can guarantee the length of the lifetime of a tree, all of our tree planting partners go through a rigorous selection process, meaning less than 1 in 1000 NGO and CBOs’ applications get funded.

Our process includes land ownership, project management education levels (we currently work with projects managed by PHDs) and types of trees versus tree purpose, to ensure that all trees that are planted are given the greatest chance of maintenance and value to the farmers. This is why our trees have a fantastic survival rate – currently over 70%.

In addition, we have a Chief Tree Planting Officer that visits all of the projects we support regularly and provides monthly reports to ensure every tree funded is planted and monitors their ongoing management.

Our process is fully transparent with every tree funded audited and verified monthly by an independent Chartered Accountant who provide each partner with a letter of confirmation their trees have been planted.