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Why should I plant trees that won’t be in my own country?

Is it better to plant trees in the UK or the developing world?

There are worthwhile tree planting schemes in this country, funded by state bodies, private organisations and charities. The unique commitment of Sustainably Run is to plant GiftTrees where they are most needed in the world and can be of most benefit to communities – who would otherwise go without. We want to generate the biggest return possible for your £1.23.

  • Our mission is to plant trees that empower communities – providing opportunities, and lifting people in the developing world out of poverty.
  • The environmental benefit is also significant. The rate at which a tree in a tropical environment sequestrates carbon is double that of an equivalent tree in a colder climate, such as the UK. So, your trees will contribute more to curbing the global climate crisis.
  • Local costs are also very different. If planting in the UK, we wouldn’t be able to guarantee a tree for every £1.23 collected, so Sustainably Run services would not be so affordable or accessible to as wide a range of companies and organisations.